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For millennia the royal panthers ruled with true, absolute power. However, they worked with far more simple authority, the panthers embodied the true meaning of leadership. They leveraged all means within their disposal, merged a vast store of arcane knowledge with political cunning and keen wit expressed in social maneuvering, and thus maintained their flourishing with a firm grip.

Through the centuries they remained in positions set apart from the populace, possessing technology far advanced than had ever been seen. The panthers were keepers of knowledge and shapers of history, wise and regal guardians, carefully guiding civilization from the shadows. They were true masters of the realm and it thrived.

However, this era was cut short. Disappearing on mysterious paths, the panthers jointly agreed to let the people grow by their own strength. For a time, lesser creatures were allowed free rein over the metaverse, ruling unchallenged. While their efforts have been passable, we stand on the precipice of another age, as the order of the panther emerges once more.

Collectors Of Art

The Panthers have returned to the metaverse as the Royal Panther Empire, a one-of-a-kind NFT collection tailor-made for the upper echelon of society. As a diverse range of non-fungible tokens continue to make their way onto the NFT space, now more than ever distinctive assets with a greater degree of quality are in demand.

Royal Panther Empire is a luxury brand of NFTs that elite collectors and connoisseurs can proudly showcase in the metaverse, beyond display in the virtual world these designs are more than fit to grace the walls of art galleries all over the physical world.

The unrivaled quality of the Royal Panther Empire can be credited to the talented digital artist, Kevin Cassidy. Cassidy's signature style can be noted in several successful projects that have shown up in the entertainment industry over the past decade and prior. He is supported by a robust, reliable team of developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and celebrities all of whom are working towards preparing the Royal Panther Empire for unparalleled success and sustainable value in the long run.

Early supporters of the Panthers will be granted access to their fair share of rewards for helping rebuild the Royal Panther Empire. As the art and utility of this project swiftly take off, you will be most pleased to have been a part of this. It is not too late to claim a throne of your own, join our discord community to be allowed into the exclusive inner circle of this powerful empire.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The launch of the royal Panther Empire exclusive Genesis collection will be launched on May 7, 2022

Everyone's invited to follow the campaign and support our efforts on Discord. That's where the latest news will always be published. And it's where the chosen get separated from the masses.

A Genesis collection consisting of 1717 Royal Panthers will be created to conquer the NFT space.

Of course. While the Royal Panther Empire is secretive as a society, they do like to show off their individual glamour every once in a while. Join the Discord to catch one of the sneak-peeks.

Our Empire is built on the Solana Blockchain.

First and foremost, the Royal Panther Empire is about bringing real art to the NFT space. We want to build an exclusive community of digital art appreciators and crypto visionaries.

However, once we have achieved our goal, we will do everything in our power to ensure our early supporters get rewarded. So you can expect several members-only benefits, events and utilities. More to be revealed soon.

Join our Official Discord and try to get on the whitelist to secure your own iconic piece of digital art. After the launch, the second best way to grab a Royal Panther will be on the secondary markets, such as Magic Eden, Solanart, Solsea & OpenSea.

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